Goodbye, John

One last post to summarize the past month, and to say goodbye.

If you missed it, click here to read Matthew’s tribute to John posted at, with which he opened the memorial program.

If you missed the memorial, here is a scan of the program from that day:

You can read Bryan Borland’s reflections about the memorial HERE.

You can read Matthew Hittinger’s reflections about the memorial HERE.

And you can purchase copies of Ganymede Unfinished HERE.  Be sure to check out the new journal Assaracus, which will carry Ganymede‘s torch into the future.

We want to leave you with what was, in essence, the benediction to the memorial; remarks from John’s lifelong friend Irma Jaffe which she asked that we read and share:

When I think of John I always think of what fun it was to be with him. He was so up-to-date on what was going on in New York. And he knew New York–especially who was who, past and present. He knew so much about well-known people–where they lived, and when–even in the 19th century–and it was so interesting to hear what he had to say about them.

He was my “Going to the movies” partner–our typical date was a movie and something to eat after. Conversation ranged from the movie we had just seen to what’s the solution to Israel and the Mid-East. I know I will never be near 2nd Avenue and 62nd Street without having a sharp, clear memory of my evenings with John Stahle. They were always important to me but now that he’s gone I realize how precious those evenings were. I am 94 years old–I could never have thought that I would be saying goodbye to him! It’s such a terrible shock! Goodbye, John? Oh how could this be! But it is. So, Goodbye, John Stahle, my dear, dear friend. Goodbye from Irma Jaffe–You left the party much too early!”


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